Yuri Himuro’s Creative Textile Creations


WordsManon Baeza

SKY. Photo by Kohsuke Higuchi

The Japanese designer Yuri Himuro, who specialises in textile design, has now developed her own weaving mechanism, resulting in unique motifs, distinguished by their jovial and colourful character.

Yuri Himuro studied in Japan and Finland, soon leaving her first job to start out solo as a textile entrepreneur. Ever since she has been constantly imagining new prints, often geometric, colourful and in a deliberately naive style, with one primary objective: ‘Create an interaction between textiles and humans’, she explains on her website. Her ‘Snip Snap’ collection, for example, offers consumers the opportunity to cut out the textile components of their purchase across different locations, revealing new hidden motives with each scissor stroke.

These creative efforts have paid off: in 2018, Yuri Himuro was awarded the Young Japanese Talent Award at the ELLE DECO International Design Awards.

EAT WELL, PLAY WELL, SLEEP WELL for familiar. Photo by Kohsuke Higuchi

WHITE CHRISTMAS for Takashimaya. Photo by Kohsuke Higuchi



LAPLAND. Photo by Kohsuke Higuchi