Matcha Green Tea Kit Kats, a Little Taste of Japan to Enjoy at Home

Having been on sale in Japan since 2004, matcha green tea Kit Kats have also been available to buy all over Europe since late February 2019.


WordsSolenn Cordroc'h

Often brought back as a holiday souvenir, the famous Kit Kat chocolate bar comes in over 350 flavours in Japan, from the more classic to the somewhat surprising, such as jasmine, soy sauce, watermelon and wasabi. For the green tea flavour, Kit Kat combines matcha green tea, a traditional drink made from green tea powder, and white chocolate to give a ‘sweet, perfumed flavour’, as the packaging describes. The matcha green tea Kit Kats made for the European market are produced in Hamburg in Germany, and the cocoa beans and matcha green tea needed to make them come from Japan and China.