Matcha Green Tea Kit Kat Now Available in Europe


WordsSolenn Cordroc'h

Having been on sale in Japan since 2004, matcha green tea Kit Kat will be available to buy all over Europe from the end of February.

Often brought back as a holiday souvenir, the famous Kit Kat chocolate bar comes in over 350 flavours in Japan: jasmine, soy sauce, watermelon, wasabi… And now, the matcha green tea flavour will delight Japanese and European palates alike. This flagship product brings together matcha green tea, a traditional drink made from green tea powder, and white chocolate to give a ‘sweet, perfumed flavour’.

The matcha green tea Kit Kat destined for a European audience will be made in Hamburg in Germany. The cocoa beans and matcha green tea needed for their production will come from Japan and China. This new flavour will enchant Europeans wishing to try out new trends.