The Bean-to-Bar Chocolatier Showcasing Local Ingredients

Making use of homegrown fruits and spices, as well as cacao cultivated on the island itself, OKINAWA CACAO is a unique tasting experience.


The café is located along the road.

OKINAWA CACAO is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker that is located close to Yanbaru Forest on the northern half of Okinawa Island. 

It is therefore best combined with a visit to the forest. The shop aims to use local ingredients to provide its chocolate with a uniquely Okinawan taste, including by cultivating cacao on the island, with the first crop having recently yielded. 

The highlight is unquestionably the on-site shop. Here you can try everything from a 100% cacao iced drink to a variety of decadent chocolate platters. 

Of all the offerings, the green mango sorbet and cacao ice cream plate is particularly memorable, and highly recommended!

Chocolate using locally produced shell ginger, karaki (Okinawan cinnamon), and shikuwasa(local citrus).

The gelato made with cacao and fruit is also popular.

A chocolate drink using cacao is recommended.

OKINAWA CACAO Factory & Stand

TEL +81-50-5241-8152

521, Hama, Kunigamison, Kunigamigun, Okinawa