Content Creator Just Riadh Visits Sushi m in Tokyo

Sitting at the counter of this extraordinary restaurant, the actor and comedian tried some sushi put together in the truest Edomae style.


At Sushi m, the nigiri are put together meticulously by sushi chef Junya Hashimoto behind the counter in his little establishment, in front of the diners, in the truest Edomae style. The uniqueness of the menu is hinted at in the restaurant’s name, as the m represents the concept of ‘marriage’ as Yoshinobu Kimura, the founder of Sushi m, explains to content creator Just Riadh.

As part of the ‘Creators around the World’ programme organised by Meta, the Franco-Algerian actor and comedian visited Japan from 27 February to 4 March 2023. He had the opportunity to meet local creators and discover Japanese culture. He was accompanied by several other figures, such as dancers Fleur and Mr Boris Becker. Together, they attended the opening of a new Instagram space in the legendary department store Shibuya 109, where they were able to share with their communities the fashions that are popular with young people in Japan.


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