Hitachi Park In Bloom All Year Round


WordsSolenn Cordroc'h

Throughout the year, thousands of flowers adorn Hitachi Seaside Park. Only two hours from Tokyo, this natural haven attracts numerous visitors all in need of a breath of fresh air and some greenery. Despite the high visitor traffic, the 215 hectares of greenery allows visitors to easily find a peaceful corner, surrounded by beautiful vegetation and a panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

The park promises a special experience at any time of the year, with the emergence of blooms one after another according to a specific calendar, available on the official website. The yellow narcissi open the spring season, quickly giving way to tulips and the much appreciated nemophila before the red cypress announces the arrival of autumn. And even the winter is sumptuous with colossal sequoias and various varieties of tulips able to brave the cold temperatures.

As well as the floral displays, a golf course, a BMX field, an amusement park and a ferris wheel as well as a 10-kilometer bike path provide additional entertainment for visitors.