A Gateway to the Heart of Okinawa

Hotel Hyakuna Garan blends into and accentuates its surroundings, offering guests an intimate encounter with nature.


PhotographyNaoki Yasumura

Hakuin, a special room with a terrace overlooking the sea.

Hyakuna Garan is a luxurious retreat that blends the spiritual nature of the southeastern area of Okinawa Island into its architecture. 

Indeed, every single room features an open design to take advantage of the ocean wind, while the 220-degree-angle view that the property provides ensures that elegant shadows grace the hotel from sunrise to sunset.

Most of the hotel is adult-only, an exclusivity that adds to the almost Zen-like atmosphere designed to provide a complete respite from everyday life. 

The hotel is located along Hyakuna Beach.

It is this unique atmosphere that allows guests to truly experience the essential aspects of Okinawa, such as the sound of the waves crashing on the nearby beaches or the aforementioned incorporation of natural light and wind.

The rooftop open-air baths, best enjoyed under moonlight, add the finishing touches to this marvel that aims for a sophisticated form of relaxation found nowhere else.

The much-renowned property could not be further away from the urban bustle of Japan’s metropolises, and an evening spent here presents the perfect opportunity to shut off and reflect upon the sui generis nature of Okinawa’s culture.

“Garan Bekkan” features a private space with a balcony and an open-air bath.

The tatami space inside of Hakuin.

Private open-air bath inside Hakuin.

The hall is reminiscent of a Zen temple, featuring a huge stone Buddha in the courtyard.

A so-called "small forest" in the courtyard with huge banyan trees.

Sashimi with fish from the coastal waters. The type of fish offered changes depending on the season.

The highlight of dinner is Okinawan beef grilled to perfection.

A perfect sunset can be enjoyed from the terrace.


TEL +81-98-949-1011

1299-1, Yamashitabaru, Hyakuna, Tamagusuku, Nanjo-city, Okinawa