NEMU RESORT: Enjoy Spiritual Healing Whilst Nature Embraces You


WordsAkiko Wakimoto PhotographyShin Ebisu

Mie Prefecture lies almost right in the centre of Japan. Its central eastern portion contains the vast mountains and  a forest belonging to Japan’s largest shrine, Ise Jingu, along with Ago Bay, a major pearl cultivation site, and the Ise-Shima National Park, blessed with rich nature. One of Japan’s top ‘glamping’ resorts, NEMU RESORT, is actually located within that park.

The comfortable Deluxe Room at NEMU RESORT. Guests can take it easy here, observing the primeval woods outside while stretching out on the relaxing floor sofa in the raised seating area.

The biggest attraction of the hotel is the ability by the guests to enjoy various activities in nature throughout all four seasons. Starting early in the morning, first of all, you can take yoga lessons led by in-house instructors on the Yoga Terrace, which boasts a 360-degree panorama overlooking the surrounding natural scenery. While sensing the comfortable breeze with your whole body, you can begin what is bound to be a great day.

The Yoga Terrace situated atop the Tefu-tefu no Oka (Wavehand Hill) at the resort. Here, you can either practice yoga while surveying Ago Bay and the forest stretching out before you, or luxuriate in an all-hands massage treatment (reservations required).

During the daytime, refresh yourselves by testing your skills riding on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) in Ago Bay, which stretches out right in front of you, or else go fishing or take a cruise in the same waters. You can also enjoy a casual stroll through the Satoyama Suisei-en garden within the resort’s premises, taking in the primeval Japanese scenery. As the day draws to a close, meanwhile, it’s a special treat to go sunset kayaking, which provides the ineffable experience of melding with the sea.

Yuhi ni Somaru Hama (Sunset Beach) lying directly in front of the resort is transformed into a blazing panoply of tints at sunset. It’s a mystery how one’s soul becomes cleansed somehow just by sitting on the beach and feeling the gentle sea breeze blow by.

After the sun has set, then, you can enjoy a couple of hours relaxing on top of a slightly elevated hill at the Takibi Café, while enjoying the view of the expansive night sky. In this way, throughout the entire day, NEMU RESORT provides a multifarious programme of activities allowing guests to become one with nature. The splendid natural setting of Ise-Shima was dearly loved by the myriad gods in the Japanese pantheon. By yielding yourself to it, you will find yourself healed in terms of both body and soul. It is precisely such simple things that offer the greatest luxury in spending your time, perhaps in a way that is only possible here.

Enjoy a relaxing moment on top of a small hill. The café is open every night from 8 to 10 pm, with guests sitting around a bonfire under the starry sky that stretches into infinity. ©NEMU RESORT


Address: 2692-3 Hazako, Hamajima-cho, Shima-shi, Mie (inside Ise-Shima National Park)

Tel: 0599-52-1211

60 rooms in total

Price: Deluxe Room (for up to four people, 46 m2) from 22,700 JPY (two meals included)

Cards accepted: American Express; Diners Club; JCB; Mastercard; and Visa

Access: 20 minutes by free shuttle bus from Kashikojima (reservation required)

Information current as of October 2018