So Nakameguro Shop & Hostel— Successor Venue to 1LDK for Experiencing the New Naka-Meguro


WordsPen Editorial PhotographyTohru Yuasa

‘The unusual within the usual’ is a theme embraced by the I.D. Land Company that produced ILDK, which set a new standard in lifestyle shops. As the name—1-room living-dining-kitchen—suggests, 1LDK began in a quarters selling first apparel, then expanded to 1LDK Apartments, which handled specialty items and foods as well, but now another unique space has come into being.

So Nakameguro Shop & Hostel, which opened in November of 2018, combines a hostelry with an apparel shop in a renovated residence built in the 60s. Ryo Miyoshi, the director of 1LDK, arrived at the concept because he often stays at Airbnb on buying trips abroad. The claim that ‘we don’t have a concept’, may itself be a concept, yet indeed it is difficult to identify an underlying unity in the assortment of dazzling brands that can be found only here. A few examples may suffice: Yoke knitwear, completely sold out immediately after opening, Graynavy, which debuted in 2017 with the collaboration of several brands, souvenir t-shirts from The Broad museum in Los Angeles, and other attention-catching stuff. Catchy—plus all the brands boast excellent workmanship and discriminating taste. Wear gear like this, and people will ask, ‘Where can I find something like that?’

Next surprise: the mezzanine to the third floor functions as a hostel, accommodating up to 8 guests. Being a converted residence, the space feels comfortably lived in, but that’s not the only perk to staying here. Mixtapes of music that has been carefully selected to entertain overnight guests, and only available to them, lend a discrete charm to their travels. For those who want to experience the new Naka-Meguro, definitely a place to check out!

So Nakameguro Shop & Hostel

1-6-52 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Tel.: 03-6416-5549

Hours: 12 noon - 8 p.m.

Closed: indeterminate