Takeo Mihoncho Honten, the Shop Selling Beautiful Paper


WordsSolenn Cordroc'h


The white walls of Takeo Mihoncho Honten, located in Tokyo, bring out the shop’s impressive collection of 2,700 different kinds of paper, all arranged by shade. Huge shelves from floor to ceiling, and also in an immaculate white colour, hold yet more sheets of paper to delight lovers of colour. Founded 120 years ago and now known all over the world, Takeo has five shops specialising in paper in Japan, and has become an unmissable spot for lovers of beautiful paper.

In Takeo Mihoncho Honten, one of the most popular shops, customers can admire and touch ancient kinds of paper such as washi, a Japanese form of artisan paper which is made following ancestral methods, and then find modern paper on the first floor. The second floor acts as an exhibition space and allows customers to continue to become familiar with all kinds of beautiful paper.

Each sheet of paper available for sale is unique, and has its own characteristics regarding its colour, weight, texture or recommended use. A thin sheet is more suitable for a greetings card, while a thicker sheet is ideal for calligraphy, as it absorbs the ink better. The sales assistants will bend over backwards to help customers find what they’re looking for, and maybe even find that hidden gem.

TAKEO's fine paper, MERMAID has gentle, wavelike feltmark and the entire lineup of 60 colors available.


Takeo Mihoncho Honten

3-18-3 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo