Spreading the Appeal of HYOGO LEATHER Across the World With Unique Collaborative Products


Leather produced in Hyogo Prefecture is praised worldwide by the creators of leather products, from major designers in Europe to leading Japanese apparel and bag labels and up-and-coming young designers. Nearly 80% of the leather made in Japan comes from the same region, right here in Hyogo. It is said that leather production began here around 1000 years ago, mainly near Himeji and Tatsuno, which are blessed with rivers—such as the Ibogawa, Ichigawa, and Hayashitagawa—that can provide the precious abundant water resources required for tanning raw hides. Many designers make frequent trips to the region in search of high-quality leather tanned by skilled tanners, the heirs to this tradition of excellence. In 2016, we began a collaborative project under which Japanese designers and production regions started working together to export leather products labeled “HYOGO LEATHER” overseas. Currently, in our seventh year of the project, we can announce that we are co-launching two brands based in Tokyo and Kobe.

Designing Unique Products that Maximize Our Superb Leather

The brands currently participating in this project are PETROSOLAUM, which has an atelier in Shibuya in Tokyo, and Cornelian Taurus, which is based in the port city of Kobe. PETROSOLAUM emphasises a smooth design reminiscent of an art piece, manufacturing shoes that wrap around the feet gently for improved comfort and function, while Cornelian Taurus produces attractive original bags using elegant leather and solid component parts. Both brands are working to develop collections filled with creativity that make the most of our beautiful HYOGO LEATHER. Both Sotaro Ogino of PETROSOLAUM and Daisuke Iwanaga of Cornelian Taurus actually visited leather factories in Hyogo to prepare for this project. Their thorough discussions with tanners and inspection of various leather samples led to the eventual completion of their wonderful products. The items that they have designed are being exhibited at Fashion Week in Paris as well as at select local shops and galleries. Many Parisians visiting the exhibition picked up items produced by these two brands and were intrigued by their high quality.

MADE IN HYOGO Leather Makes a Big Entrance Onto the World Stage

Please check out the special film produced for this project, in which Mr. Ogino and Mr. Iwanaga share their thoughts on HYOGO LEATHER and their own products, and showcase a fashion shoot in which models wear our collaborative items against a backdrop of the streets of Paris. This mini-film, which could be termed a France-Japan collaboration, is intended to be one of the springboards—along with the exhibition in Paris—that will send “HYOGO LEATHER” out into the world. It is through valuing our history as well as current trends and sensibilities that we will succeed in taking MADE IN HYOGO onto the world stage.

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