‘Los Angeles/San Francisco’, the New Sunny Work from Photographer Yoshiyuki Okuyama


WordsManon Baeza

Japanese photographer Yoshiyuki Okuyama has just unveiled Los Angeles/San Francisco, his new photo book. Published by Union Publishing Limited, this new book sheds light on California, and more specifically the two sunny cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, captured through Okuyuma’s tender and artistic gaze.

During this trip, Okuyuma decided to grab his camera and mix personal and work life. He lays himself bare, showing a few intimate moments he experienced while on his voyage, and decided to pay homage to the West Coast, known for its dazzling lights.

Los Angeles/San Francisco is full of powerful images, made even more beautiful by breath-taking sunsets and a scintillating, luminous quality which is softly reflected in the colourful California architecture. In this new book, Okuyuma places light at the very heart of his art and confirms his status as a great photographer.