The Sound of Artist Ryoji Ikeda Knows No Borders


By bonus1up — Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Regarded as the founding father of the fusion between IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and contemporary art with a technological twist, Ryoji Ikeda began his career as a DJ in 1990. He gradually began to create various sound art installations, becoming part of the legendary Dump Type, an interdisciplinary collective, where his role was that of composer and creator of performances.

Fast forward five years and Ikeda has released his first album, the 1995 ‘1000 Fragments’. This body of work marks the start of his presence in Europe, the US and throughout Japan. Through his immersive shows with choreographed performances and minimalist concerts, the artist quickly gained notoriety. During his shows, the Japanese artist would remain stoic, black sunglasses perched on the end of his nose, standing computer at his fingertips. Since, his work has taken off and now at 52 years old he is widely recognised as one of the most interesting sound artists on the minimal electronic scene.