Enjoy a Cup of Finely-brewed, Karuizawa-created Coffee on a Comfortable Terrace


WordsJunko Kubodera PhotographyKenichi Fujimoto

The only bookstore-cum-café in the Maruyama Coffee network of coffeeshops. The book selection includes tomes on art, the outdoors, and Karuizawa-related works. One can also purchase the books, besides just reading them.

Maruyama Coffee brings people together through coffees that have been selected during visits to coffee-producing areas around the world. The company, founded as a small coffeeshop in Karuizawa by the owner Kentaro Maruyama, has since branched out to a dozen or so shops in both Nagano and Yamanashi Prefectures, as well as the metropolitan Tokyo region. It has even produced several world-class baristas—such has been its excellent progress. Its special-blend products, offered exclusively by local supermarkets and hotels, have also garnered great popularity. The popular Harunire Terrace café, shown here, is the only one in the network of its shops to be a ‘book café’. On clear days, you can enjoy a relaxing time in the open-air listening to the babbling stream that flows in front of you, as well as the chirping of wild birds. Not only is the store a great favorite among tourists, but also among locals, who use it as a community space to relax and exchange information.

Clear out your mind by imbibing a cup of coffee while listening to the sounds of the river flowing right before your eyes, along with the murmur of the surrounding trees and their various denizens, including wild birds and squirrels, which often make an appearance.

The serving style employed by all the stores of Maruyama Coffee is the French Press, in which a metal filter is used to thoroughly extract all the oils of the coffee, as much of its flavour is contained there. Another must-have that goes well with the coffee is the desert selection, such as Swiss rolls and Blancmange puddings, both supplied by local patisseries. Twenty or so single-type varieties of coffee are always on sale on the original menu, each of which is distinct in its personality. Comments include, ‘A white-wine aroma, with a feeling of syrup on the tongue, resulting in a taste like bitter caramel’. By choosing a favourite cup of coffee according to your feelings on that day, and sipping it in the fresh air, you can enjoy a moment of luxury unattainable in the city.

You can also take the coffee back with you, with a broad range of varieties available lined up on the sales rack. The most popular is the Harunire Blend, priced at 734 JPY per 100g.

The coffee is made through a French Press, which accentuates the individual flavors of the beans. French Press coffee, starting at 596 JPY (back), and Cappuccino 617 JPY (front).

The Harunire Terrace is situated in the Hoshino district of Naka-Karuizawa. Various eating and drinking establishments can also be found there, together with an assortment of shops, offering visitors a place of respite.

Harunire Terrace Shop, Maruyama Coffee

Address: Harunire Terrace, Hoshino, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano

Tel: +81 (0)267 31 0553

Opening hours: 8 am – 8 pm (summer); 9 am – 7 pm (winter)

Open every day


Information as of May 2018