Dreamin Man Treats Its Coffees and Customers with Care

This establishment in Paris's 11th arrondissement run by Yuichiro Sugiyama has been embraced by the residents who are keen to connect there.


Video and wordsRebecca Zissmann

Dreamin Man is a tiny café that has found its place in the heart of a district saturated with food and drink businesses. This is because the individual who presides over it, Yuichiro Sugiyama, offers more than just a fine selection of coffee beans roasted in Denmark: he has made his café a community space.

After arriving in France in 2014, he decided to open Dreamin Man in Paris’s 11th arrondissement, an area whose bars and shops he likes to frequent himself. His goal was to recreate connections in an increasingly digitalised society.


Filtered coffee that’s worth seeking out

With his partner Yui Matsuzaki, who makes delicious pastries—such as fig financiers—on a daily basis with her finds from the market, Yuichiro Sugiyama has transformed the small establishment into a welcoming place. The décor is simple, with pieces sourced from flea markets or from artisan friends. The logo was designed by illustrator Ryuto Miyake.

Lovers of trendy coffee are not overlooked at Dreamin Man, as Yuichiro Sugiyama places his trust in the roaster PROLOG, based in Copenhagen. Their washed coffee beans from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Colombia are used by the café owner to make his famous filtered coffee. The beverage requires a little patience, but those who venture to order it are richly rewarded by its fruity aroma.

The menu at Dreamin Man also includes the classic café latte, espresso, and even non-coffee drinks. With regard to sweet treats, the undisputed star, and a particular favourite of the café’s loyal customers, is the Japanese-style pudding (nihon-fu purin) that offers a sweet start to the day. Yuichiro Sugiyama busies himself behind his counter from 8:30 a.m. onwards to be present during his neighbours’ morning routines, and they never fail to come and greet him on their way to work or school.


More information about Dreamin Man can be found on the café’s Instagram account.


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