Konel, a Restaurant in Tokyo Centred on Kneaded Ingredients

From Italy to China, the menu put together by chef Takaki Kikuchi is created around wheat flour, a key ingredient in bread and pasta.


Takaki Kikuchi did not embark on a career as a chef straight away. After studying at university, he entered the world of work as a clerk, but after a few years, he realised he needed to return to his first love, cooking. Thus, he trained in Bologna, Italy, and in Chinese restaurants in Japan. He chose these locations because his passion is wheat flour, an ingredient found in gyoza, pasta and bread.

After performing the role of executive chef at the Italian restaurant AWKitchen, Takaki Kikuchi opened Konel in the Shibuya district of Tokyo in 2018. He was accompanied by manager and sommelier Tomoko Kansaku, whom he had previously worked with at AWKitchen. The concept of their establishment is a menu centred on kneaded ingredients (koneru is Japanese for ‘knead’). Thus, chef Takaki Kikuchi fuels his obsession for wheat flour. Homemade pasta, bread and gyoza are produced every day at Konel and make up a menu composed of eight to ten dishes. Diners can enjoy their meal while admiring the Tokyo metro’s railway lines that extend into the distance just below the restaurant’s windows.


More information about Konel can be found on the restaurant’s Instagram account.


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