A Deeper Dive Into the World of Okinawan Liquor

LIQUID THE STORE opens up a whole new world of beverages, showing that there is more to the Okinawan drinking culture than Awamori.


PhotographyTetsuya Ito

The interior is unique and reminiscent of a laboratory.

If you are looking to buy anything that is drinkable to bring home as a souvenir, look no further than LIQUID THE STORE. 

Conveniently located in downtown Naha, this shop impresses due to its owner’s carefully chosen selection of high-quality local spirits, wines, and beers.

For non-alcoholic options, there are various local teas available.

Combine that with the minimalistic interior and you have a shop that exemplifies Naha’s urbanity and burgeoning drinking cultureone that goes beyond the classic Awamori to include a diverse lineup to suit modern tastes.

The store features a large variety of alcoholic beverages including natural wine, spirits, and liqueurs, from Okinawa and beyond.

Craft gin using Okinawan ingredients, called “Ryu GIN.”

Okinawan craft gin using lemon, called “O LEMON GIN.”

The store also features a homemade ham and sausage specialty store.

Junji Murakami, the owner who tries from various angles to delve into the culture of "drinking.”

The different alcoholic beverages can be tasted on-site.

The store was just opened in September 2021.


TEL +98-988-3607

1-1-21-1F, Tsuboya, Naha-city, Okinawa