Margherita or Marinara: Savoy Pizza Keeps it Simple and Delicious


Is Tokyo in the process of becoming the pizza capital? Pizza Strada, Pizza Dada, Seirinkan, PST – Pizza Studio Tamaki… Many spots are competing for the title of the city’s best pizza.

At Savoy, located at the end of an old shopping street in Tokyo’s Azabu-Juban district, there are just two options: Marinara or Margherita. The thin pizzas, cooked in a wood oven, are a blend of Italian flavours and tradition, with all the precision of Japanese culinary art. Diners can also request a ‘white’ pizza, with no tomato base. And the price is unbeatable: a pizza costs 1000 yen, that is less than 8 euros.


Motoazabu, Minato, Tokyo

+81 3-5770-7899