Recipe for ‘Temaki’ by Aiste Miseviciute and Takuya Watanabe

The culinary expert and the sushi master show how easy it is to make these ‘nori’ seaweed rolls with ‘maguro’ tuna and cucumber.


Video and wordsRebecca Zissmann

Easy to make at home, and a delicious way of using up leftovers, temaki (literally meaning ‘handmade’) are an ideal dish to offer to guests. Aiste Miseviciute is a firm fan of them and shares her recipe for these nori seaweed rolls, with the help of sushi master Watanabe. For the fillings, they chose a maguro tuna aged in Spain, accompanied by cucumber and sesame seeds.

Former model Aiste Miseviciute is a connoisseur of fine cuisine who has become an expert in culinary culture, and shares her favourite establishments on her platform Luxeat. Renowned for her knowledge of Japanese gastronomy, she has forged connections with many great Japanese chefs across the world, and regularly holds culinary events in Europe. She also created the Artisans’ Box, a selection of exceptional ingredients from different world cuisines.


Aiste Miseviciute’s latest updates can be found on her website and on her Instagram account.

Takuya Watanabe est chef du restaurant Jin à Paris.


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