An Izakaya Like in Roppongi, in the Heart of Paris

Ito Izakaya, now closed, was one of Pen's favourite spots where diners could enjoy authentic Japanese pub dishes.


Video and wordsRebecca Zissmann

Ito Izakaya opened in 2012 in the Pigalle district in Paris. Its founder, Rafael Wallon, immediately saw a connection between this area known for its nightlife and the equally vibrant Roppongi district in Tokyo. In fact, he decorated it with various memorabilia sourced from little boutiques in Tokyo.

Ito draws on the concept found in many bars in the Japanese capital where diners gather to share drinks and tapas. The menu is composed of a succession of small dishes in the style of omakase albeit less ceremonious, the plates piling up on the table. The ideal pairings to accompany the selection of Japanese whiskies, sakes and shochu are the classics Veau Tataki, Aubergine Dengaku and the star of the menu, the Risotto Ito.


More information about Ito Izakaya can be found on the restaurant’s website.


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