Paris, Tokyo: Gildas and Masaya – MAISON KITSUNÉ


In this episode Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki invite us inside Maison Kitsuné, a fashion / music / coffee house, launched fifteen years ago, whose global outlook has revolutionised the world of fashion—marrying a Japanese culture of precision with Parisian exuberance. Created in 2002 in Paris, initially as a clothing line, the brand would quickly branch out, also becoming a record label thanks to one particularly fruitful trip to Japan. It was there, in the company of Daft Punk, that Loaëc would work on the iconic film Interstella 5555 illustrated by Leiji Matsumoto (the creator of Albator) and an enduring love story between the brand of the fox (Kitsune means fox in Japanese) and the land of the rising sun began.

‘The idea isn’t to create a brand that is just well known, but a brand that is well-loved’ says Kuroki. It is thanks to this outlook that the Fox is now expanding across the globe, with four boutiques in Paris and four in Tokyo. It is here that we met the two founders who shared with us their passion for their creation.