Shiseido Revisits The Biggest Trends in Japanese Beauty from the Last 30 Years


WordsManon Baeza

More than just a cosmetics brand, the Japanese brand Shiseido is also renowned for its invaluable bi-annual analyses of trends in makeup and hair, conducting surveys twice a year. Recently, the brand established its presence in five megacities: Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul, New York and Paris, from where it will conceive of new products.

Following this shake up Shiseido has made a one-minute video starring Suzuki Setsuko, one of the brand’s flagship makeup artists. Setsuko is equipped with several brushes and pallets to recreate the main Japanese trends of the last thirty years.

From coloured eyelids, to excessive foundation, lips dotted with gloss, long hair, which is later coloured and boyishly cut just a few years later, this video is an opportunity to rediscover the evolution of fashion and the redefinition of femininity that emerges alongside more familiar European trends.