Matsumoto, the Artisanal Beer Makers are Teaming up With an American Brewery


Matsumoto Brewery Pale Yale and Japanese Alps

The Matsumoto brewery is hidden away among the mountains of the prefecture of Nagano, allowing its artisans to work in peace and seclusion. However the company has now stepped things up a gear, teaming up with the American brewmaster Rob LoBreglio, co-owner of the The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company. With the rate of imported American beer on the rise in Japan, the move isn’t just by chance.

‘I am curious to work with them on really exploring where the Japanese taste buds are going’, LoBreglio told Japan Today. ‘What I am going to push them to do is to try growing out as many styles as possible’. The American travelled to Japan in June in order to help out with the brewing process, after having hosted the Japanese team who came to train with him.

Everything is in place; it’s now just a question of waiting for the first sip.

Matsumoto brewery brewing system

Brewing staff and engineers

National Treasures Matsumoto Castle and Japan Alps