Recipe for ‘Toro’ Tuna, Burrata and White Truffle Entrée by Takuya Watanabe

The sushi master, who presides over the counter at Jin, his Michelin-starred Parisian restaurant, shares his latest signature dish.


Video and wordsRebecca Zissmann

Not far from the Japanese Ambassador’s residence in Paris, chef Takuya Watanabe opened his  French establishment, Jin. It offers an intimate ambiance, where twelve fortunate individuals can take a seat at the counter and observe the high-calibre techniques of the sushi master. Jin opened in 2013 and received a Michelin star in the following year, and offers several omakase menus put together by the chef known as “Taku”. The dishes served, including fatty tuna sushi, smoked amberjack and sea urchin tongue, bewilder the tastebuds.

Takuya Watanabe hails from Niseko, on the northern island of Hokkaido. He opened four establishments there before making his debut on the international stage with Jin in Paris. Pour Pen, he shares the recipe for one of the dishes on his signature menu, a fatty tuna (toro) appetiser with creamy burrata and white Alba truffle.


More information about Jin can be found on the restaurant’s website.


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